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Bredbury St Marks Primary School works closely with children and parents in connection with attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential. By law, all children of compulsory school age (five to 16) must receive a suitable full-time education.

Once your child is registered at school, you are legally responsible for making sure that they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted.


You also need to think about the negative impact upon the following:

  • their learning
  • their friendships
  • their self-esteem and confidence.


Bredbury St Marks Primary monitors the attendance of every child in the school and in partnership with our Attendance Officer we will work and support those children and their families who are not attending school without sufficient reason.


  • 90% attendance sounds good, but means that your child misses:
  • one half day each week
  • nearly four weeks every school year
  • over one school year in a school career


The school gates open at 8.35am and the school doors open at 8.45am. Registers are taken at 8.55am and arrival at school after this time, without prior approval, will be recorded as a late arrival. Registers close at 9.30am and arrival after this time, without prior approval, will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. 

Pupils arriving to school after 8.55am must enter through the main gate and report to the school office to be signed in by an adult. Registers are also taken when the children return to classes after lunch. Unexplained absences will be investigated by the Attendance Lead. 

What is expected of the Parents? 

  • To keep requests for their child to be absent to a minimum
  • To offer a reason or medical proof, for any period of absence, preferably before the absence or on the morning of the first day of absence
  • To ensure that their child arrives to school on time, a reason should be offered for any lateness
  • To work closely with the school and Attendance Lead to resolve any problems that may impede a child's attendance
  • To take family holidays during school holiday periods and be aware that requests for holidays during term time will be refused except in special/ exceptional circumstances
  • To be aware of curriculum requirements and be especially vigilant with regards to attendance during important academic times such as SATS
  • To support their children and to recognise their successes and achievements


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Attendance Bands

Students are classified into category bands based on their attendance and punctuality rates as part of a new strategy to combat absenteeism; this will determine the action taken by us.

Category Band Attendance/ Punctuality  Action 
Gold Band 100% Excellent attendance/punctuality which will be celebrated
Green Band 97% to 99% Good attendance/punctuality which will be celebrated 
Yellow Band 'Beginning to Cause a Concern' 93% to 96.9%

Beginning to cause concern. 

  • Parents will receive a letter, highlighting their child's low attendance/punctuality and asking for improvement to bring their child's attendance above 96%
  • Parents may be called in for a meeting, to discuss their child's low attendanceand to offer support, where needed. 
Orange Band 'Serious Concerns Over Attendance' 90% to 92.9%

Serious concerns over attendance

  • Parents will be called for a meetinhg to discuss their child's attendance. To identify reasons and discuss the effect of the absence on their child's progress and go through the support that is available. 
  • Further absences will be recorded as 'unauthorised' unless medical evidence is provided. 
Red Bad 'Pupil Identified as Persistantly Absent and In High Risk Group' Below 90%

Pupil identified as persistently absent and is in a high risk group

  • Your child is classed as persistently absent. A meeting will be held to discuss in-house support. 
  • You will be given a 2 week period, to impovre your child's attendance. 
  • Your child's attendance will be closely monitored. 
  • If no improvement in your child's attendance, your case will be referred to the Education Welfare Service. 


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