Pastoral Care

What is Pastoral Care? 

Pastoral care is a provision schools make to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of their pupils.

A successful pastoral support program will have all children feeling safe, happy, involved in the school community and able to perform to their full potential. Happy pupils will integrate well with others and any problems will be spotted ready to be dealt with.


Why is Pastoral Care at School Important?

There's one thing that all parents want for their kids, and that's for them to be happy. So, how do we ensure children are happy at school? High quality pastoral care at school is the answer.

With education and health being so closely linked, it's been proven that students with good physical and mental health perform better at school and will achieve more academically.

PSHE lessons in school contribute a lot towards students' wellbeing. They teach important life skills that students can implement in their own lives to better themselves. Good pastoral care at school ultimately helps to build character in students which will help them in their adult life.


Who is Bredbury St Marks Pastoral Team?

Mrs Claire Quinn 

C Quinn Photo.jpg


How can I contact the Pastoral Team?

You can ring our Pastoral Team on 0161 430 3418 (Option 2) or Mobile/ Whatsapp 07518 296834

You can drop in at any time during school hours to have a chat with either of our Pastoral Team. 

If you would like to book a meeting with our Pastoral Team, please contact our school office or ring the Pastoral line to request a meeting at a convenient time for yourself and our team. 

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