What makes us unique?

Our Early Years unit is run by a full time qualified teacher and highly qualified teaching assistants which allows us to teach each indivdual and ensure every child meets their potential. We have strong links with the local church, including weekly visits for a collective worship and special celebrations. We have a large inviting indoor and outdoor environment specifically built with the intent of small children's needs. We join the main school events and celebrations which makes transition from Early Years Education to School Education very smooth. Relationships with staff and familiarity with the main school building are made which makes its a successful and happy learning journey.  

The early years are a crucial time for development and we know that quality of teaching has the single biggest impact on how well children do in school.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) classes at Bredbury St Marks School we aim to provide a broad, balanced, differentiated curriculum which addresses the children‘s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, moral and cultural development within a safe, secure, stimulating environment. 


We have an EYFS unit which includes all the Nursery and Reception children, this allows children to socialise together, be good role models for one another and to share quality resources and the best suited environment.

Our Learning

We thrive to ensure all children reach their full potential through providing quality learning experiences for each unique child. Learning will be through practical and play activities, which are structured, balanced, relevant to the child and related to the real world.  We provide a curriculum which takes account of, and responds to, the children’s developmental needs and allows them to make progress related to their differing abilities. “What the child can do” will be our starting point.

We ensure the children have positive experiences of success at their own levels in order to give them confidence and motivation for learning in the future. We also provide a curriculum which promotes the ‘Early Learning Goals’ identified by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and which dovetails with the National Curriculum. We provide a curriculum which provides equal learning and development opportunities for all children. 

Parent Partnerships 

We are proud that we create a partnership with parents to support and enhance the development of the children through a variety of ways in and out of the setting. We have strong communications between home and setting, sharing experiences and knowledge of the children so we can work together to see the best development and progress each child deserves.

Options and Timings

We offer a variety of options to suit the needs of you and your child including full time 30 hours 8.50 - 3.10pm or part time 15 hours. For 15 hours we offer  2 .5 days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning or 5 mornings 8.50am - 11.50am.

Our day consists of adult inputs which could be whole class carpet time sessions or teacher led activities with lots of child led opportunities and experiences both held indoor and outdoor. We have snack times, story times and music and movement sessions together ensuring all children are involved, learning and having fun! 


Please feel free to contact the school office for our new starters pack, for more information or questions or queries

You may also contact our Early Years Lead Mrs Katy Spreckley 



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