School Day

Breakfast Club  7.30am till the start  of  school day -  £4 - includes childcare &  breakfast (Last serving - 8.15am)

End of school until 5pm daily - £4.50 up to 4.30pm / £6 until 5pm

More detailed information can be found in the PARENT tab under 'Before and after school care.'


                       Nursery                         Infants                            Juniors

Open             8.45 —11.45am            9.00am                          9.00am

Lunchtime   11.50 – 12.45pm         11.50-12.45pm           12.15 - 1.10pm

Close            12.30—3.30pm            3.20pm                         3.25pm

The school day starts at 8:50am for all children except Nursery and children should arrive in the playground no earlier than 8.45am (unless agreed with school for a specific reason). All children should enter and leave the school premises by the side road, following the pathway. The side gate by the hall s locked at 8.45 so all access is then via Reception Playground.

Parents of children in infant classes must wait outside the external classroom doors with their children until it is opened at 8.50am. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the children are taken into the classroom before leaving them. This is a good opportunity to speak to the teacher if there is an issue or a worry. These children will leave by the same doors at 3.20pm where they should be met by an named adult (16 or over). 

Junior class children can wait in the Junior playground from 8.45am onwards—doors will open at 8.50am.

Junior children will leave school at 3.25pm from the main playground doors back of the school. Children can be met at these doors, or parents can wait at the front of the school.

Any child arriving after 9am is late and must enter via the school office at thefront of the school. We ask parents to provide an explanation for lateness.

Important Notes:

  • No adult or child is to leave the premises by going through the car park.
  • Your child will not be allowed to leave school for any reason unless permission is received from you, and your child is collected from school. This includes during Breakfast Club/

      After School care.

  • Only people (over 16 ) who are named on the contact form will be allowed to collect your child unless you phone school with an additional name and details.
  • School, including all grounds, is a dog , gum and smoke-free zone at all times.
  • If you bring or collect your child by car please use the public car park, or the Church car park, and walk with your child to the school gate if necessary. The drop off zone at the side of the school can be used in the mornings—to drop off only—NO PARKING..
  • If your child is not collected on time, they will be asked to go to SMART club. If not collected within 10 minutes of the end of the School Day (3.25pm/3.20pm) SMART CLUB charges will be applied.
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