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Attendance Record - Governing Board  2017/18

Committee Structure and Membership 2018

The Governing Board - 2018

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The role of the Governing Board is to provide strategic input and to act as a ‘critical friend’, supporting and also challenging the school. Their remit includes being involved in monitoring that pupils are making progress, having responsibility for overall school budgets and also contributing to development plans for the school. Our Governors are all volunteers.

The Governing board oversees the work of the committees – they all report to the main body who have to approve all decisions and suggestions. Governors take a keen interest in the school and can choose which area of the curriculum and school life to take a special interest in.

The Steering Committee consists of the Chairs of the committees and the Head teacher. We make sure that decisions are implemented and that the work programme of each group is thoroughly resourced and progressed. The group set targets for Governors and decides topics for extending the individual Governors expertise in training sessions’.

The Resources Committee meets once each half term and occasionally more frequently, when or if necessary. The head arranges the agenda and we cover all aspects of Finance and Staffing. There are different aspects of the Finance and the staffing needs to be discussed at each meeting. The committee has to agree a budget for the year and monitor it throughout the year. The financial part of the Resources Committee is a very responsible role and therefore the Governing Body has increased the number of members on this committee.

The Teaching and Learning Committee is responsible for making sure all aspects of the National Curriculum are followed and that targets are set and met. This committee provides information to the Governing body about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced. The group is responsible for ensuring the curriculum is broad and balanced by reviewing the many policies.

Declaration of Governor interests – Business and Financial

There are no governors with any business or financial interests in our school.

Governance roles in other educational institutions

Mr M Carrilline is a governor at Universal Technical College in Bolton and Interim Head of Education in Blackburn, Darwen.

Material interests

Currently there are no members of the governing board with any material interests.


Acting Chair of Governors - Mrs Rachel Pritchard contact:


Remit for Resources Committee 2017.pdf

Remit for the Monitoring Committee Autumn 2017.pdf

Steering Remit December 2017.pdf

Teaching and Learning Committee remit 2017.pdf