St Mark's C of E Primary School

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Governor Profiles

Mrs A Whitehead
Mrs B Rhodes
Chair of Governors
Mrs L Hegarty
Co-opted Governor
Mr M Carriline
LA Governor
Mrs M Greer
Parent Governor
Rev Andy Bull
Foundation Governor
Mr D Brown
Co-opted Governor
Mrs J Crook
Foundation Governor
Mrs J Coxall
Foundation Governor
Mrs C Oldham
Staff Governor
Miss R Pritchard
Parent Governor
Mrs E Harding
Co-opted Governor
Mrs G Wagstaff
Co opted Governor
Mr M Strother
Co opted Governor

Governor Profiles

Barbara Rhodes - Chair of Governors

I am a co-opted governor and chair of the Governing Board. I have been a governor at St Mark's for 16 years. I am on the Resources Committee; Teaching and Learning Committee; Monitoring Committee and Steering Committee. I do live locally and hence I know the area very well. I have lived in this area for 57 years.

Claire Oldham - Staff Governor

I started at St-Mark’s as a teaching assistant in 2006. Since then I have been given many opportunities to develop my skills. Three years ago I took over running the extra curriculum activity and we started our own after school care provision 2 years ago called SMART club.

Being a governor has given me chances to contribute more to the well being, development and growth of our children. I am very passionate about St Mark’s and will give my upmost best to support, question and drive changes for the best. It is a great pleasure being apart of St-Mark’s governing body.

 Lindsay Hegerty – Co-opted Governor

I joined St Marks Governors when my youngest daughter was a pupil in the school. I knew the term of office was for 4 years so wanted to fulfil a term before she left.  My insight into how the school works, was far more in-depth than I imagined.  Included in my role is the title of safeguarding governor.  I have extensive knowledge in this area and am able to challenge when necessary, to ensure that our school is safe for our children.

I thoroughly enjoy being a governor at St Marks and would like to continue even though I no longer have any of my own children attending.

Mark Carriline - Local Authority Governor

My name is Marks and I am the Local Authority Governor here at St Mark's School. I am the newest governor being appointed in December. The staff other governors have made me feel very welcome.

Emma Harding – Co-opted Governor

I am the deputy head at St Marks and also a co-opted governor.  I am passionate about teaching and learning and love to be part of our children’s development.  Being a governor allows me to share that passion across the whole school.

St Marks is a warm, inclusive and child centred place to be. As a governor I am blessed to see and be a part of the drive and determination share by all.

My role as a governor and Deputy Head is to ensure that standards remain high and children’s best interests are at the forefront of all decision making.

Dave Brown - Co-opted Governor

I have been a co-opted governor for 13 years at St Mark's. I am currently on the following committees: Health and Safety, School Development, Trips, SEN and PE Governor. I also help run the Breakfast Club. I have 2 grandchildren at St Mark's School.

Rev Jayne Coxall - Foundation Governor

My name is Rev Jayne Coxall and I am the curate at St Mark's Church and Foundation Governor but all the children just call me Jayne. As a Curate I am learning from Rev Bull what it involves to become a vicar, one of these things is to come into school to take assemblies. I have been at St Mark's 2 to 3 years.

Rev Andy Bull - Foundation Governor

I have been the vicar of St Mark's Church since 2010 and have been a Governor since then. I love visiting school each week to take assemblies.

Gina Wagstaff - Co-opted Governor

I am a teacher at St Mark's currently working with Year 3 children. In addition to working as a class teacher I also have responsibility for supporting children with Special Needs and Disabilities.

Michaela Greer - Parent Governor

My name is Michelle Greer, I am a parent Governor and have been for 2 years. I currently have 2 children at St Mark's and I came here myself years ago.

Rachel Pritchard - Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor at St Mark's for a year. I was elected as Vice Chair in December 2017. I have 2 children - one currently at St Mark's and my second will join the nursery shortly. I recently introduced the electronic version of the  Parent Questionnaire and look forward to improving parental engagement with the Governing Board.

 Michael Strother - Co-opted Governor