St Mark's C of E Primary School

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Governor Profiles

Mrs A Whitehead
Mrs B Rhodes
Chair of Governors
Mrs L Hegarty
Co-opted Governor
Mr M Carriline
LA Governor
Mrs M Greer
Parent Governor
Rev Andy Bull
Foundation Governor
Mr D Brown
Co-opted Governor
Mrs J Crook
Foundation Governor
Mrs J Coxall
Foundation Governor
Mrs C Oldham
Staff Governor
Miss R Pritchard
Parent Governor
Mrs E Harding
Co-opted Governor
Mrs G Wagstaff
Co opted Governor
Mr M Strother
Co opted Governor

Governor Profiles

Barbara Rhodes - Chair of Governors

I am a co-opted governor and chair of the Governing Board. I have been a governor at St Mark's for 16 years. I am on the Resources Committee; Teaching and Learning Committee; Monitoring Committee and Steering Committee. I do live locally and hence I know the area very well. I have lived in this area for 57 years.

Claire Oldham - Staff Governor

I started at St-Mark’s as a teaching assistant in 2006. Since then I have been given many opportunities to develop my skills. Three years ago I took over running the extra curriculum activity and we started our own after school care provision 2 years ago called SMART club.

Being a governor has given me chances to contribute more to the well being, development and growth of our children. I am very passionate about St Mark’s and will give my upmost best to support, question and drive changes for the best. It is a great pleasure being apart of St-Mark’s governing body.

 Lindsay Hegerty – Co-opted Governor

I joined St Marks Governors when my youngest daughter was a pupil in the school. I knew the term of office was for 4 years so wanted to fulfil a term before she left.  My insight into how the school works, was far more in-depth than I imagined.  Included in my role is the title of safeguarding governor.  I have extensive knowledge in this area and am able to challenge when necessary, to ensure that our school is safe for our children.

I thoroughly enjoy being a governor at St Marks and would like to continue even though I no longer have any of my own children attending.

Mark Carriline - Local Authority Governor

My name is Marks and I am the Local Authority Governor here at St Mark's School. I am the newest governor being appointed in December. The staff other governors have made me feel very welcome.

Emma Harding – Co-opted Governor

I am the deputy head at St Marks and also a co-opted governor.  I am passionate about teaching and learning and love to be part of our children’s development.  Being a governor allows me to share that passion across the whole school.

St Marks is a warm, inclusive and child centred place to be. As a governor I am blessed to see and be a part of the drive and determination share by all.

My role as a governor and Deputy Head is to ensure that standards remain high and children’s best interests are at the forefront of all decision making.

Dave Brown - Co-opted Governor

I have been a co-opted governor for 13 years at St Mark's. I am currently on the following committees: Health and Safety, School Development, Trips, SEN and PE Governor. I also help run the Breakfast Club. I have 2 grandchildren at St Mark's School.

Rev Jayne Coxall - Foundation Governor

My name is Rev Jayne Coxall and I am the curate at St Mark's Church and Foundation Governor but all the children just call me Jayne. As a Curate I am learning from Rev Bull what it involves to become a vicar, one of these things is to come into school to take assemblies. I have been at St Mark's 2 to 3 years.

Rev Andy Bull - Foundation Governor

I have been the vicar of St Mark's Church since 2010 and have been a Governor since then. I love visiting school each week to take assemblies.

Gina Wagstaff - Co-opted Governor

I am a teacher at St Mark's currently working with Year 3 children. In addition to working as a class teacher I also have responsibility for supporting children with Special Needs and Disabilities.

Michaela Greer - Parent Governor

My name is Michelle Greer, I am a parent Governor and have been for 2 years. I currently have 2 children at St Mark's and I came here myself years ago.

Rachel Pritchard - Parent Governor

I have been a Parent Governor at St Mark's for a year. I was elected as Vice Chair in December 2017. I have 2 children - one currently at St Mark's and my second will join the nursery shortly. I recently introduced the electronic version of the  Parent Questionnaire and look forward to improving parental engagement with the Governing Board.

 Michael Strother - Co-opted Governor

I am delighted to have joined the board at St Mark's in July 2018. My background is in education, having been a member of senior management in a local secondary school. I have lived in Stockport for 16 years and have two sons, the younger still in nursery. I'm looking forward to attending more of the school's functions and supporting the board in its work in the future.