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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom:

Life is exciting and so is our world. We try to provide opportunity where children can engage with that world in a meaningful way. Our school is well placed in our community with a local park, library, precinct, sports centre and St Mark’s Church- all situated within a short walk. Learning opportunities offered by our local town of Stockport are only a short train or bus ride away.

As a staff we plan a variety of learning experiences including:

Church Week – children visit our local church and learn about and through the building.

Make a Difference Day – an opportunity for all things environmental from helping our caretaker to making bird feeders and rain catchers.

Multicultural Week – African drumming lessons and salsa dancing classes are some of the activities enjoyed.

Science Day – children spend the day engaged in open-ended science based activity – making use of the whole school site.

Art and DT day – children spend the day carrying out practical activity – parents are invited to come and join in.