St Mark's C of E Primary School

A caring place to learn, play and grow



Mrs A Whitehead

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs E Harding


Class 1 Mrs Robinson – Teacher 
Mrs Hall - Teacher

Ms Hancher - Teaching Assistant


Class 2 Mrs Spreckley - Teacher EYFS Leader
  Mr Clayton – Teaching Assistant
Class 3 Miss Stott – Teacher
  Mrs Speck – Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Maher - Teaching Assistant
Mr Ronan Austin - Apprentice



Class 4 Ms Brown – Teacher
  Mrs Foy – Teacher
  Mrs Oldham – Teaching Assistant
Class 5 Miss Moore – Teacher KS1 Leader
  Mrs Curran
Class 6 Mrs Wagstaff – Teacher
  Mrs Burrell – Teaching Assistant
  Mr Craddock – Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Robinson


Class 7 Miss Malpas – Teacher – KS2 Leader
  Mrs Pugh – Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Christine Whyment - Teaching Assistant
Class 8 Mr Morris – Teacher
  Mrs Meadwell – Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Marshall – Teaching Assistant
Class 9 Miss Hyde – Teacher 
  Mr Martin – Teaching Assistant
Class 10 Mrs Bebbington – Teacher
  Mrs Nicklin – Teaching Assistant
The Base  Tracy Shaw - Teaching Assistants
Shannon Parry - Teaching Assistants

Ms Kelly Wood - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Christine Whyment - Teaching Assistant 


Speech and Language  Mrs Blezard – Teaching Assistant
KS1 intervention  Mrs Anne Ridsdale - Teaching Assistant
Parent Support Mentor Mrs Hussey
Behaviour Support Mentor Mrs Alexander
Office Staff Mrs Hartley – Business Manager
  Mrs Lloyd –  Office Manager
  Mrs Hughes – Finance Support Officer
  Mrs Costantino – Clerical Assistant
  Mrs Hall – Clerical Assistant
  Ms Scott – Attendance Assistant
ICT Development Manager Mrs Quiligotti
Kitchen Staff  Mrs Jones
   Mrs Maughan
Premises Support Staff  
  Mrs Roberts
  Mrs Newton
  Mrs Scott
  Miss Golder
Lunch Time Staff Mrs Plant
  Miss Golder
  Mrs Shaw
  Miss Wood
  Mrs Watson
  Miss Glindon
  Mrs Sejdiu
  Mrs Bardsley