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The National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2

Curriculum-Aims         Curriculum Policy - 2018

Foundation Subjects - Long Term Plan - 2018/19 - Key Stage 1

Foundation Subjects - Long Term Plan - 2018/19 - Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Information for Parents

Information for parents 2017 – NCT results at the end of key stage 2

Key Skills for PSHE and Citizenship

PSHE Learning Objectives by Year Group


The governors and staff at St. Mark’s believe that all children should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.  We believe equally that it is the package of all school related activities that ensures we are able to provide for the individual needs and potential of each child.

Our core vision is to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in our children so they can become successful adults by:

  • ensuring every child learns at their maximum potential
  • promoting the values and attitudes (spiritual, moral, cultural) and physical development of all our children
  • preparing the children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life in terms of being healthy, staying safe, having a thirst for knowledge and new skills, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being